Important Wax room information

Please note the following important information:

1. Electrical power is 110V / Ph 1/ 60 Hz. You must arrange for your own 2220~110 V stepdown electrical transformers for waxing equipment, etc. The OC will not have any on site.

2. Electrical plug outlets are 3-prong North American standard. Teams are responsible for their own adapters.

3. The wax cabins on site all have tables, so you do not have to ship these to Canada. Teams will have to provide their own wax forms.

4. Athletes will have to fill out the required rifle import forms and bring their rifles with them on their flight to Canada, and declare them upon their point of entry to Canada.

5. Athletes can import up to 5 kg (about 1300 rounds) in their checked baggage.

for photos of the site, information ion the facilities, and drawings of the wax buildings, etc.